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Obama, Head Trauma?

Posted in Corruption, Economic Freedom, Economics, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 31/10/2009

Has Barack Obama suffered a massive head trauma recently?

Obama stated today that the Socialist Stimulus program is working.  Obama claims 1,000,000 jobs have been “saved or created”.  First off, his promised 3.5M jobs would be created.  The result since his Socialist Stimulus is that millions of jobs have been lost and the most recent reports from the Labor Department showed more jobs were lost than expected.  Unemployment is at a 26-year high and the next report is expected to show it has passed 10%.

It must be stated that government is incapable of creating even one job.  Why?  Let us consider what a job really is.  A job is when one person does something that another person is willing to pay for themselves and in fact pays for it themselves.  The buyer has something that is more valuable to them than the money they gave to the seller.  To the seller, the money is more valuable than what they sold to the buyer.  The result of this transaction, which is entered into freely by both parties, is that new wealth is created.  When this happens over and over again for a seller, that is called a job.

What the government does is quite different.  The government has a monopoly on violence.  Only the government has the legal authority to use violence to coerce people into acting.  The government uses that power to seize money from one person (i.e., taxation) and then gives it to another person, taking some for the government itself of course (i.e., politicians and bureaucrats).  What has happened here?  Does the tax payer (i.e., worker) get something that is of more value to them than the money they gave?  The answer is almost always no.  If the tax payer did get something that they felt was of more value violent coercsion would not be required to make them buy it, they would purchase the good or service of their own free will.  In this case, the case of government involvement, wealth has been destroyed.  When this is done over and over this is not a job, it is a charity given to those who are employed or otherwise favored by the government paid for through the violent coercion of others.  Most importantly is the fact that the freedom of the individual has been lost.  People do not have a choice whether to buy or not.  The government forces them to buy quite literally at gunpoint.  This is what Obama wants people to believe is government job creation.

Put simply: Can a pizza shop operate and pay its employees without the government giving them money?  If it makes a pizza that people like and are willing to pay for, of course, it happens all the time all over the nation and has been for years.  Now, can a politician, government bureaucrat or employee at the Social Security office work without the pizza shop being forced into giving them money (i.e., taxes)?  Of course not.  What the pizza shop owner does is create real wealth for themselves and others in the form of real jobs.  The pizza shop customers get a product they enjoy and benefit from more than the money they used to pay for it.  On the other hand, what the government does is steal from one group of people and use that money to bribe another group of people into voting for them in the next election.  The victems of the theft have less power becaue they have less money and the beneficiaries of the theft have no power because they are entirely dependent upon the government for their livelihood.  The power lost to both groups of individuals is then concentrated in the government.  This is of course what Obama and the Socialist/Democrats want.

Obama wants you to belive that the economy is growing because the 3Q report showed an increase in economic activity of 3.5%.  That is not to say that there has been economic growth.  As was stated in this blog recently, that economic activity occurred because Obama and the Socialist/Democrats took out a massive amount of debt and simply printed Monopoly money to give out.  With more money floating around of course there will be more activity.  However that was money and not real wealth. 

Following the logic of Obama, Romer Geithner and Bernanke, the economy could grow 10% next quarter; they just need to print and spend more.  The absurdity is obvious.  Every American knows that by spending more their economic activity will increase but that in no way means their personal economy has improved which is to say, they are not making more money.  If that worked there would never have been the financial meltdown nor would there be any need for anyone to have a job because they could simply write more checks.  This just does not work; it never has and it never will.

Why is Obama proclaiming his obvious disaster to be a victory?  His ego for one.  He also believes that his vision for making the United States a socialist nation is closer than ever with Obamacare advancing in Congress.  It would be devastating for Obamacare and Obama’s socialist agenda to admit the realities of his Socialist Stimulus so he does what he can to intentionally misrepresent what he has done, the consequences and his intentions for the future.  Obama is sacrificing Americans for his personal gain.  This is corruption at the highest level.

Is Obama really that naive and ignorant about economics?  Probably not. 

Does Obama know that all of his programs, including his Socialist Stimulus have been massive failures for the American people?  Possibly. 

Is Obama campaigning to save face so that he can perpetuate the fantasy that he is the messiah and cram Obamacare through, leaping closer to his goal of a United Socialist States of America?  Certainly.


GOP Health Care Reform

Posted in Economic Freedom, Freedom, Social Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 31/10/2009

The GOP has introduced their proposal for health care reform.

The GOP main ideas:

  1. Let families and businesses buy health insurance across state lines.
  2. Allow individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to pool together and acquire health insurance at lower prices, the same way large corporations and labor unions do.
  3. Give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs.
  4. End junk lawsuits that contribute to higher health care costs by increasing the number of tests and procedures that physicians sometimes order not because they think it’s good medicine, but because they are afraid of being sued.

Nietzsche’s Hammer’s Review

  1. This will absolutely reduce health care costs because the increase real competition through free markets.  These ideas are about preserving and individuals freedom of choice.  The reason that this is not in place is because of what is known as corporatism.  Corporations conspire with government through bribes to enact laws which will benefit the corporations.  The government gets more control and is paid off while the corporations are protected from competition and are able to offer inferior products at higher prices.  This is simply corruption.
  2. This will also absolutely reduce the cost of health insurance by increasing buyer power and free choice in the purchasing decisions of the individual.  It is not happening for the same reason as in 1.
  3. This proposal is simply undoing all the good that would be accomplished in 1 and 2 by introducing government control.  There is nothing good to come from government control regardless of whether it is done on the state or national level.
  4. Tort reform is required and will result in reduced medical costs.  The danger here is that the government will make decisions for people and this is always bad.  This is complicated and the GOP must provide more details of exactly how it intends to implement this.  A good starting point is a “loser pays” policy but this may require a significant overhaul of the justice system’s standards and procedures.

Nietzsche’s Hammer fully supports the first two GOP ideas.  They move power back to the individual and reduce government.  Competition and selection will necessarily increase while costs in health insurance will decrease.  Since health insurance costs decrease there is less money in the health care industry.  This may also have the effect of bringing down health care costs as well which will benefit all including those who choose to not buy health insurance.

The fourth proposal is the seed of a good idea but must be carefully thought about so as  not to introduce more government control and restriction of personal freedoms as is the tendency to happen with all government intervention.

The third idea is simply creating the conditions for a government-run industry.  The only difference between this and Obamacare is that it will initially be implemented at the state level rather than a national level.  However, since all state representatives live and bribe each other in Washington, it will not be long before the corruption and horse-trading sets in and the members of Congress begin conspiring to create the state laws such that Americans are again living under a socialist system.  This idea is bad and should be rejected entirely.

The first two ideas will certainly reduce costs, improve quality, selection and availability.  The fourth is necessary by must be done carefully.  The third is simply going to take Americans on a short detour before returning to the same place in which we are now.

There are some interesting points regarding the first two GOP ideas that are the hallmark of all good ideas:

  • They reduce government involvement and control
  • They increase freedoms for all individuals
  • They do not require the individual to do anything the individual does not want to do
  • They require no money at all to implement

These characteristics are in no way to be found in the Socialist/Democrat Obamacare program.  Obamacare in no way increases real competition not will it decrease costs.  What Obamacare does is legislate private health insurance out of the industry.  This will eliminate competition, increase prices and decrease the availability and quality of medical care in the US.  Obamacare has been used in other countries like Canada and England and in both it has failed.  Obamacare has also been in place in the sate of MA.  The results after three years: costs are up and the system is near bankruptcy.  This is a preview of what will happen on the national level.

There are some good ideas, some potentially good ideas and some not so good ideas here.  The best part about this is that it offers Americans real choice in how they want to America to be and not the single Obamacare option which is no option at all but oppression.

“Health Reform Cheat Sheet”

Posted in Corruption, Economic Freedom, Freedom, Social Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 30/10/2009

Elizabeth MacDonald has a good piece on some of the the realities of Obamacare.

Over the Top

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The shameless campaigning for and glorification of Obama that has been going on for the past two years has been nauseating, and the Nobel Peace Prize was a total joke, but this, this is a little over the top even by those standards.

“Rocco Landesman, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, declared in a speech to art philanthropists in Brooklyn last week that President Obama is the world’s most powerful writer since the days of Caesar.”

The socialists have officially jumped the shark that is the love-fest for Barack Obama.

Congressional Corruption

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 30/10/2009

How long is it going to be before more members of Congress are under investigataion than not? 

In yet another mess in the state of NC concerning the Representative Heath Schuer is under investivation for a multimillion dollar realestate deal.

Heath should feel right at home as he has lots of company from his colleagues in Washington these days with dozens of members of Congress under investigation.

Here is CREW’s list of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress and it’s list of all current investigations.

Here is the solution: vote all of them out.  Regardless of what they have done in the past, or your political affiliation or preference, vote all of these people out.  The message must be sent that honesty is more important than ideology.  If people are honest then intelligent decisions can be made by the American people as to which direction they would like the country to go.  However, when politicians are dishonest about their true intents (Obama, Pelosi, etc.), it is impossible for Americans to make a choice which reflects their true desires.  Again, all of these members of Congress must be voted out at the next available opportunity.

So how long is it going to be before more members of Congress are under investigataion than not?  That is up to you.

Disturbing DOJ Decision

Posted in Corruption, Political Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 30/10/2009

The DOJ has decided that democracy is not appropriate for Kinston, NC.

What a surprise that a Socialist/Democrat group would not want people to have control over their lives.

To see some more of what is going on in NC and how the Socialist/Democrats are working to destoy America please see this blog’s posts concerning Judge Mihm (U.S. District Judge Michael Mihm Friendly Towards Al Qaeda) and Judge Chen (Obama: The Comany You Keep).

U.S. District Judge Michael Mihm Friendly Towards Al Qaeda

Posted in Corruption, National Security by nietzscheshammer on 30/10/2009

That’s right, U.S. District Judge Michael Mihm has a soft spot for Al Qaeda.

Given the opportunity to give (only) 15 years to Al Qaeda sleeper agent Ali Marri but decided about half that was enough because of the “‘very severe’ conditions” conditions under which Marri was kept while in a Navy brig in NC.

 Very severe?  Is Mihm serious?  Mihm obviously has no idea of what severe is.  Sever is not feeding people so much that they get fat.  It is not allowing them to live in safety and providing for all their needs, medical or otherwise.  Severe is getting killed by airplanes that crash into buildings.  Severe is having your head sawed off.

Mihm has have given aid and comfort to enemies of the United States, emboldening them and therefore done severe harm to this country’s security.

Obama: The Company You Keep

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We are all familiar with the phrase: “You are judged by the company you keep.”

Well here is another winner from Obama’s circle of friends: Judge Edward Chen, Obama’s appointment for U.S. District Court judge in Northern California.

The Washington Times had this to say about Chen

“another Obama nominee who doesn’t appear to love America.”

Is this really surprising to anyone when Obama counts among his friends people like the terrorist Bill Ayers whose only regret was that he did not do more to harm America and the radical racist Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright?

No, of course not.  Obama does not like the America that the Founding Fathers created, the America of personal freedoms.  Obama wants a socialist nation run by a totalitarian government that is not “of the people, by the people and for the people” which he is working very hard to create.  Obama wants an American government that uses the people to enrich itself.

Let us all dispense with hope, and work to make sure that Obama does not succeed in seeing this great nation “not perrish from the earth“.

Obama’s Economic Advisor: Socialist Stimulus Effects Over

Posted in Economic Freedom, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 30/10/2009

Obama’s economic advisor, Christina Romer said the effects of the Socialist Stimulus are over.  The greatest impact would be felt in the second and third quarters of 2009 and that it would contribute little in 2010.

For those of you who missed it, the third quarter ended in September.  Therefore, the Socialist Stimulus is over according to the top Obama economic advisor.

Now, with unemployment rising to a reported 10% (real unemployment is closer to 15% or 20%) and consumer spending falling, Romer believes is the time, wait for it … to continue government spending!

So, as all rational people knew it would be, the Socialist Stimulus succeded only in driving the US further into debt, devaluing the US dollar and expanding government control over the lives of Americans.

To Obama and the Socialist/Democrats that is what it was inteded to do so perhaps it has worked.

Government-run Healthcare: What’s In Store

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Was there really any doubt that there would be government rationing of health care and that the government would not be able to run health care effectively?

Seriously, was it ever a question?

Case in point: the Swine Flu vaccine

  1. The government has been rationing the Swine Flu vaccine.
  2. People who were not supposed to be given the vaccine got it.

Not only do people not have any choice in whether or not they receive health care but those who were in deemed by the government to be more worthy didn’t receive the health care.

Americans have been turned against Americans being forced to “compete” with each other for health care.  Remember how wonderful people felt when Obama promised he would bring people together and the media told eveyone how Obama would provide a “national healing“?

Does anyone really believe that it will be any different under Obamacare?  What a joke!  Unfortunately in this case, laughter is not the best medicine.