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Global Warming And Health Care

Posted in Corruption, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 24/11/2009

First Al Gore told you that the planet had a fever and that the entire world of scientists believed the same thing.  Then as more people began challenging those claims it was morphed into “climate change”.  Recently evidence has been discovered that the IPCC and its top scientists were engaging in outright fraud and a conspiracy to silence any dissent.

Then came the charge for health care.  The same Democrats were shouting from the hilltop that costs were rocketing out of control much like the global temperature.  They claimed that they are going to cut costs and that will result in better care and more choice.   As it turned out, almost nothing in the 4,000+ pages of the health care reform bills has anything to do with health care.  It is all about increasing spending and eliminating choice in health care providers, treatments and insurance options.

Now Gallup reports that health care costs for most Americans have not been rocketing out of control but have been stable.

Can it be anymore obvious?  The Democrats are interested only in advancing a socialist agenda that will transfer the majority of wealth and power to their small elitist group by attempting to elimanate any political, economic and social freedoms and will use any means available to them to accomplish that ends including outright fraud.

This cospiracy is no more a “theory” than the theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun.  The conspiracy amongst Democrats, socialists and certain corporate entities is as well documented.


Obama’s Transparency And Partisanship

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 24/11/2009

Barack Obama promised Americans that he would make the government more transparent and put an end to partisan politics.

In Obama’s latest actions to make a liar out of himself the White House has refused to release the list of the 300 people who will be attending Obama’s first state dinner tonight.  Furthermore, many who have not bought into Obama’s socialist agenda were not invited.

The only real transparency that Obama has brought is his partisanship, corruption and socialist agenda.

Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu Is A Whore And A Thief: Update

Posted in Corruption, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 24/11/2009

NHB recently commented on Democrat senator Mary Landrieu selling her vote to Democrat senator Harry Reid for $100,000,000.

NHB would like to correct that.  Democrat senator Mary Landrieu was very proud to announce that she sold her vote for $300,000,000. 

Now that is greater transparency of the corruption than we have ever seen before.

The True Face Of Democrats: Socialist Tyranny

Posted in Economic Freedom, Economics, Freedom, Political Freedom, Social Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 24/11/2009

Democrat Chuck Schumer made it clear to all that the goal of Democrats is not what is in the best interest of Americans but rather that they pass their socialist agenda.

Schumer said

“We’re not going to not pass a bill,”

The Democrats can not even speak plainly never mind attempt a coherent reform of the disaster they have made of the health care/insurance industries through their government regulations.

What Chuck was trying to say was “We are going to pass our socialist agenda without concern for any other factors.”  In other words, the Socialist-Democrat government will dictate terms to the citizens. 

You work for them.

If you have not come to the realization by now you had better start paying attention for one day in the not too distant future you are going to realize that you will be told where you work, what you do, what you can say and think (see the recent hate crimes bill), how much you make (minimum wage laws and maximum wage laws dictated by the “pay czar”), what food  you eat, what car you drive, if your child has been selected for her operation, what you will buy and how much you will pay for it.

That is the tyrrany of socialim and it is not coming, it is here.

The Economy Didn’t Grow 3.5%: Part 2

Posted in Corruption, Economics, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 22/11/2009

It was recently discussed on Nietzsche’s Hammer Blog (NHB) that the economic report claiming the economy grew 3.5% in 3Q 2009 was a convenient misinterpretation of the fundamental reality: the economy did not grow.

Now it would appear that the economic report is being revised downward from 3.5% to 2.9%.  That is an overestimation error of 20%.

NHB still maintains that the economy did not grow at all, spending did.  As millions of people continue to lose jobs the government seized a trillion dollars from American and spent it to bribe others into spending more (e.g., Clunkercare).

Think about that for a minute.  The entire US economy was $14T, now closer to $12T, and the Obama and the Socialist/Democrats spent over $1T with their socialist stimuli and bailouts.  That $1T in new government theft and waste represents >7% of the economy and yet even Obama and the Socialist-Democrats claim the economy “grew” by 2.9% for one fiscal quarter which is 2.9% of 3T not 2.9% of $12T as it did not grow 2.9% for the entire year.  It has also been stated by Obama’s top economic advisor that the entire effect of the stimulus has already been seen.

Therefore, even if one were to believe the fantasy and deceit being perpetuated by Obama his staff and the Socialist-Democrats, the economy for 3Q 2009 should have grown by ten times what they claim it did for 3Q 2009.

Is it any surprise that the socialist agenda has been a a massive failure for Americans?  Is it any surprise that the government would report false data to make thier programs look better such as in their socialist agendas for

  • the health care/insurance industries,
  • the auto industry,
  • the airline industry,
  • the banking industry,
  • and how about that $18M website with all those wonderfully fiction about job creation?

Incidentally, the 4,000+ pages of socialist health care that the Socialist-Democrats have been working on in secret has nothing to do with health care at all.  The focus of all 4,000+ pages is how to dismantle private health insurance companies and replace them with a government-run bureaucracy.

How Democrats Make Decisions For Your Life

Posted in Corruption, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 22/11/2009

This is how the Democrats read bills that will run your lives for you.

I am sure they read all 4,000+ pages of the “destruction of America” bills too.  Well except for the part that Democrat senator Harry Reid included to bribe the vote of the whore Marry Landrieu for $100M; I am sure that at least one senator, the whore Democrat senator Marry Landrieu, read that part very closely.

Global Warming and Socialism

Posted in Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 22/11/2009

Why is it that the people who believe in anthropogenic global warming (climate change or whatever they call it now) and the people who believe government must have control over all aspects of the lives of people are the same people?

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu Is A Whore And A Thief

Posted in Corruption, Freedom, Property Rights by nietzscheshammer on 22/11/2009

Louisiana Democrat senator Mary Landrieu sold her vote to Harry Reid for $100M.  She is a whore and a theif.

Why Democratic senator Mary Landrieu is a whore
She voted in favor only after Democrat senator Harry Reid added into the bill a $100M provision that could be claimed only by Democrat senator Mary Landrieu state of Louisiana.  Landrieu, who had been public about her indecision on the bill promptly decided it was a good bill and voted yes.

Why Democratic senator Mary Landrieu is a thief
Democratic senator Mary Landrieu is taking money from the Federal government who in turn takes it from all Americans.  That means people who live in every other state in the nation are paying for Mary Landrieu’s constituents.  Americans had no voice in this decision and that should give everyone not residing in the state of LA cause to vote every Democrat senator out of office at the first available opportunity.  So every Democrat in the Senate effectively stole money from every American not in LA and gave it to the government of LA.  That makes them all thieves.  Since Mary Landrieu knew all of this and voted for it herself, she is complicit and conspired to steal $100M from most Americans and give it to the government of LA.

Should this bill pass, it is demanded that Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal reject the funding and himself demand that it be returned to the American taxpayer and only the American taxpayer.  That is to say, the money should not be redirected to any other socialist entitlement program, existing or proposed, and that Socialist Stimulus checks should not be mailed out.  The money should be returned only to those who pay taxes since it is from those Americans alone it was stolen.

Perhaps this is what Barack Obama and the Democrats meant when they promised transparency because corruption and criminal activity does not get any more transparent than that.


Some Consequences of Obamacare

Posted in Corruption, Economic Freedom, Economics, Social Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 21/11/2009

The truth is now obvious for all to see that Obama, Pelosi, Reid the Democrats and socialists have every intention of rationing health care.

A government-run panel which was appointed not elected and does not even have one oncologist just declared that women under 50 or over 74 should not have mammograms.  Those that should, should only have them ever other year. 

This is a reversal of the same panel’s position only six months ago.  The overwhelming evidence demonstrates that mammograms save lives but the panel’s reasons for reversal on this position:

  • there is an unbearable psychological stress to women who receive a false-positive diagnosis

…and of course the mammograms cost money.

This is obviously the first step towards rationing.  The lie that is being perpetuated is that this is just a recommendation.  We all know however that once there is a government-run plan such as Obamacare that their procedures will be dictated by government recommendations and all government panels will become the defacto standard for medical recommendations.

No sooner than the government had released this was a second “recommendation” released that women under 20 should not receive pap smear tests.  The reasons cited:

  • stress associated with false-positive results

…and of course pap smear tests cost money.

Obamacare, like all government/socialist programs will result in inferior quality, rationing and skyrocketing costs.  This is not theory, this is demonstrable fact as it has happened in every nation that has ever tried to socialize anything including health care and health insurance.  Furthermore this experiment has been tried in Massachusetts over the past 3+ years and Tennessee over the past 16+ and the results have been indisputable:

  • Higher costs
  • Lower quality
  • Rationing
  • Bankrupting of the government-run system which occurs almost immediately (within three years for MA)

Regardless of what lies Obama, Reid, Pelosi of the Democrats tell you about Obamacare not forcing this or that to happen as a result of these and forthcoming “recommendations” from government panels, the reality is that they will do one of two things:

  1. The government will follow its own recommendations anyway.  Think about that, why would anyone not follow their own recommendations?  Since nothing will prohibit government from doing just that and the bureaucrats appointed (like all the rest, they will not be elected) put in the positions to make these decisions know their jobs hinge upon them following the “party-line” and doing what is in the best interest of the government and not individual Americans.
  2. simply add to Obamacare later to force such compliance.  Would government actually expand its powers over time by writing additional laws?  Please…

The reality is obvious: Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the Democrats and socialists have been lying not only about the real consequences of their agenda to socialize health care and health insurance but about their real intentions: control over every aspect of the life of every American.

This is so obvious and simple that anyone who still refuses to accept the reality of what is going on is either

  • a socialist that wants to oppress the freedom of others by imposing socialism upon all; this includes those who are benefit from socialist entitlement programs such as many of low-income who choose to depend upon the government rather than work, companies who will profit from socialism such as the AARP and the AMA, socialist idealogues who seek the overthrow of America
  • a racist and follows Obama because he is black
  • so childishly naive or ignorant as to believe that one can get something for nothing
  • or some a combination of the above

Think about all the freedom you have now.  Things like

  • buying the kind of cereal you like
  • or driving the kind of car you like
  • or doing the kinds of activities you like such as mountain biking. 

All of these activities have consequences that may impact health.  The cereal makes you fat, the car is too safe (The Democrats are trying to outlaw “cadillac” insurance plans because they are too good so why not cars because they are too safe?) and mountain biking could result in a sprained ankle.  Now the government will have a panel for everything to tell you that you cannot do those things or buy those products or eat that food. 

No?  You think that is alarmist or taking it too far?


  • The FDA already tells you what you can and cannot eat, what medicine you can and cannot have. 
  • The NHTSA tells you what cars you can buy. 
  • The Consumer Protection Agency tells you what bicycle and protective equipment you can have.
  • And there are already laws like those for helmets and seatbelts which restrict behavior of the individual.

And all of that is before the financial consequences of those actions impacted the government via health care and health insurance.  What do you think Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Socialist/Democrats in government  are going to do when these things start to increase their budget costs?  They will pass laws to try and restric behavior, ration health care and then seize more money from you by raising your  taxes.  It is what they have always done and what they always do because that is the aim of socialists.

More Smoke from Obama

Posted in Economics, Foreign Policy by nietzscheshammer on 21/11/2009

Barack Obama said that his recent trip to Asia was a boost to the US economy.

What exactly did Obama do?

“‘I spoke with leaders in every nation I visited about what we can do to sustain this economic recovery and bring back jobs and prosperity for our people — a task I will continue to focus on relentlessly in the weeks and months ahead,'”

So what was the real result of Obama’s trip

  • He talked. 

What did not result from Obama’s trip

  • New job creation 
  • Reduction in US trade deficit
  • Reduction of debt held by foreign nations

 There was no real, measurable progress made in any area of any significance with any relevance to the US economy or individual Americans.

Obama is blowing more smoke regarding the real outcomes of his actions than any private American business or citizen he and Al Gore want to crush under their “cap and tax”.