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Great Job Barack Obama!

Posted in Corruption, Economics, Foreign Policy, Freedom, National Security by nietzscheshammer on 30/12/2009

According to the AP-GfK Poll 2009 was a terrible year for America and Americans.

Congratulations to Barack Obama and the Socialist-Democrats; their plan to dismantle the US economy, destroy the credibility of America in the international community and make Americans less safe by trampling the US Constitution, destroying personal rights, waging an anti-American propaganda campaign at home and abroad and imposing socialist tyrrany is working beautifully.

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Obama Administration Making America Unsafe

Posted in Corruption, Foreign Policy, National Security by nietzscheshammer on 28/12/2009

Since Obama and the Socialist-Democrats have been running things we have had three Muslim terrorist attacks, one of which was successful.

First Hassan at Fort Hood and now two from Nigeria within days of each other on the EXACT SAME FLIGHT.

Hey that is really great.  The Socialist-Democrats and the political correctness are doing a great job of not only putting American lives in danger but getting people killed.

NHB will not defend every action of the Bush administration but let us all be very clear that there were no successful Muslim terrorist actions during those eight years.  The 9/11 attacks were clearly planned during the Clinton administration.

Obama’s head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was governor of Arizona and wanted to spend $12M tax-payer dollars to build water stations in the AZ desert to assist illegals in entering the country illegally. 

But that should not come as a surprise since Obama’s czar of school safety, Kevin Jennings, is a self-avowed supporter of the child molesters at NAMBLA and is encouraging homosexuality in public schools.  To be clear, there is no issue with homosexuality per se, however, there is no place for lifestyles to be taught in school and certainly not by someone who supports child molestation.

Obama told everyone he was going to fundamentally change America so congratulations to all those who voted for him: you have succeeded in doing more damage to the United States of America than any generation since that which elected FDR.

Behold the savior Barack Obama and the wonders and splendor of his socialism!  Perhaps someone could write a song of praise to Barack Obama and teach it to school children like the followers of Hitler, Stalin and Mao did?

Three Cheers for the People of Italy

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 14/12/2009

For all the jokes made about the list of Italian war heroes it would seem that some of the Italians are actually doing something about the corruption in their government by sending a clear message of their displeasure and willingness to take steps to achieve real change.

Silvio Berlusconi, the corrupt prime minister of Italy has tried to make major changes to Italy’s constitution and judicial system after Italy’s Constitutional Court struck down a law shielding sitting prime ministers and other top officials from criminal prosecution.

Berlusconi has publically maligned the people of Italy who challenged him on his corruption.  His administration has alleged that there has been a campaign against him.

Berlusconi has admonished people that they must work within the system (his system) of (corrupt) government and not resort to any other means.  And why not?  He knows that nothing will ever change if people resign themselves to working within the system that oppresses them and that is exactly what he wants.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It remains to be seen what Americans will have the stomach for in dealing with their own corrupt government.

How Free Markets Work: Goldman Sachs

Posted in Economic Freedom, Economics, Social Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 10/12/2009

Barack Obama and his socialists are doing everything they can to further the demise of free markets and America.  One way is their interference with compensation.

This started years ago with the implementation of minimum wage which had the net effects of increasing unemployment particularly amongst the most poor and least educated, increasing inflation for everyone and misallocation of resources.

Recently Obama has meddled in the wages for higher skilled workers such as those in banking.

Recently the owners of Goldman Sachs (a.k.a., shareholders), the people who have actually put their money at risk, made a decision to revise the compensation for their workers.  Let us ignore for the moment the government pressures and just take this action in and of itself.

What happened?  The people who own the company and have their money at risk decided that it was in their best interest to change the compensation structure for their workers.  There was no union nor was their any violence on the part of the government to force a socialist agenda upon free Americans. 

That is how free markets work.  It is fair and just.  Free people making free choices regarding how they would like to spend their money. 

If the workers do not like it they are free to leave and work elsewhere or not work at all.  If the company suffers or even fails because the best workers are lured away by other firms that offer better compensation that is OK.  The owners can decide to revise their compensation or accept that their company will not be as well-run and perhaps even fail entirely.  On the other hand, perhaps this decision will motivate their workers to work harder or make decisions that are in the long-term interests of the owners in which case they all benefit. 

However it plays out it is perfectly good.  The reason it is perfectly good is because whatever happens it is the result of free people acting freely.  That means nobody is being forced by anyone (including the government) to do anything that they do not want to do. 

And contrary to what Obama and the Socialist-Democrats want you to believe, free markets always result in the best possible outcomes for the most people particularly those who are at the lowest levels of the socio-economic structure.

The next time you hear someone being critical of worker compensation being paid by a particular company ask them if they hold stock or do business with said company.  If they say no tell them their opinion is irrelevant.  If they say yes tell them to vote for new board members, sell their stock or stop doing business with that company if it is such a problem for them because short of that they are either in agreement with what is being done or they have no right to say because they have no skin in the game.  Frequently you will find that these people are not willing to do anything themselves because that is the cowardice of the liberals/socialists (most often Democrats in this country).  These cowards would rather hide behind the government and use its monopoly on violence to oppress those people who have taken risk and invested their money rather than take any risk themselves.

The Most Racist People in America: Blacks

Posted in Corruption, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 10/12/2009

Yes, blacks as a population segment are the most racist group in America.  Everything for them is about race.

When the country voted for Obama at a 56% rate, blacks voted for Obama at over 95% with many of them being first time voters and casting ballots early desptite the fact that they were not travelling.  All polls show blacks consistently have favorable views of Obama that are way out of whack with the rest of the country.

Blacks almost never criticize blacks for anything (Bill Cosby is the notable exception).  However blacks in Congress are finally criticizing Obama.  Hurray right?  They are finally seeing that he is destroying America right?


The blacks in Congress are criticizing Obama because he is not doing things to specifically benefit blacks.  That is racism plain and simple.  Can anyone imagine the backlash if the whites in Congress did things that benefitted exclusively whites?

Racism is very strong and pervasive in America but it is not where the blacks and PC movement would have you believe; it is concentrated within the black segment of the population.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Failure

Posted in Foreign Policy, Freedom, National Security by nietzscheshammer on 08/12/2009

Has anyone else been paying attention to Iraq since Obama told the world about his foreign policy plans for that nation?

In case you have missed it, since Obama told the world his plans for Iraq the trend in violence reversed from a year-long decline to skyrocketing new highs in violence.

Just yesterday a coordinated bombing killed at least 118 in Bagdad.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy consists of three main points:

  1. Blame America first
  2. Distance himself personally from being associated with America
  3. Make it clear that he has no clear idea about what he is doing

The result of course is to project an image of American incompetence and weakness and this is making the world a far more dangerous place.

Consider these facts:

  1. The day before Obama arrived in SE Asia the North Koreans attacked a South Korean ship. 
  2. Iran, the nation Obama promised to have unconditional talks with, has under Obama’s foreign policy not only balked at international pressure to stop its nuclear program but announced that it will accelerate it program.
  3. The situation in Afghanistan and Iraq have deteriorated precipitously.
  4. Hugo Chavez is preparing for a war with Colombia (an American ally in the region).
  5. Cuba has held massive war games to prepare for conflict with America.

There are of course other issues like the act of Islamic terrorism that occurred in Texas at Fort Hood because the US Army personnel were too affraid of being courtmarshalled for a hate crime to report the Muslim Nidal Hasan.

Obama is making American less safe and is without question the single most dangerous person confronting America.

What are you going to do about him?

More Lies and Incompetence from Obama

Posted in Corruption, Economics, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 08/12/2009

Barack Obama’s Socialist Stimulus plan has cleraly not worked.  It was ill-conceived from the start and had no chance of working and now he is admitting that again.

Barack Obama knows that he would have great difficulty passing another socialist stimulus plan so he is going to try and misappropriate money from another ill-conceived plan born of incompetence: TARP.

Americans were told that TARP was money to go to financial institutions.  Now Obama wants to divert that money for a different purpose: propping up his failed Socialist Stimulus plan.

So in the best case scenario we have yet another example of Obama’s incompetence and dishonesty.  A more likely interpretation is that Obama is of course dishonest but not incompetent.  He is attempting to futher his agenda of weakening America and Americans (what he and socialists call “redistributive change”) to the point where everyone becomes dependent upon the government for everything from jobs, to health care and everything else.

More Hypocrisy and Socialist Tyranny from the Democrats

Posted in Corruption, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 05/12/2009

The Democrats are now taking special sessions in order to single out specific Americans and seize more of their money.

The Socialist-Democrats have seized control of the banking, auto, insurance, energy and airline industries to name but a few.

They have the FDA tell you what food you can eat and what medicine you can have.

They have CPSA tell you what products you can buy.

They have the EPA and NHSA tell you what cars you can drive.

They have passed hate crimes laws to tell you what you can think.

They have the FCC tell you what you can see, hear and say.

They tax your employer who then pays you, then they tax you, then if you invest your money and make a profit they tax you again, then if you spend that money they tax you again, then when you die they just voted to tax that at 45%.  And let us not forget all the money they print to create which devalues the dollar because that too is a tax you pay.

They do all of that and more without doing one minute of work that actually produces anything and yet the Socialist-Democrats like Harry Reid have the audacity to claim that someone who has worked for their money is “greedy”.

Americans, you had better wake up and realize what these people are doing to you and your country.

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Democrats: More corruption

Posted in Corruption, National Security by nietzscheshammer on 05/12/2009

In yet another example of corruption in the most corrupt government in American history, Democrat senator Max Baucus nominated his girlfriend to be a US attorney.

It makes one wonder how much corruption Baucus engaged in while writing his 2,000-page government take-over of the US health insurance and health care industries.

The greatest threat to national security is not Iran, North Korea, Russia, China or even Islam and terrorism.  These are all concerns to be sure but are being used politically by the government as a distraction.  The reality is a strong America can deal with any and all of those issues. 

The greatest threat to American national security is the people Amerians have elected to government; they are destroying America from within. 

What are you going to do about it?

Obama is making the world a more dangerous place: Iran

Posted in Foreign Policy, National Security by nietzscheshammer on 02/12/2009

Barack Obama’s foreign policy of going abroad and denegrating the US, bowing to foreign leaders and distancing himself from America is making the world a much more dangerous place.

Iran has announced that it will increase its efforts to enrich uranium.

Recall that Obama promised to have unconditional talks with Iran while at the same time refusing to meet with the Dali Lama.

Is Barack Obama really as incompetent as all of his words and actions to date suggest?

Apparently, yes.

Anyone who believes that Iran is run by a group of people who can be reasoned with should discuss that with Ramin Pourandarjani.