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The Foolish Faithful

Posted in Foreign Policy, Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 17/01/2010

Haitians are thanking their god for the recent earthquake that devastated their country.

They claim that it was the will of their god.

“Why give thanks to God? Because we are here,” Toussaint said. “We say ‘Thank you God.’ What happened is the will of God. We are in the hands of God now.”

If it is something they are thankful for then we should immediately stop all aid to that nation since they are in a condition that they are thankful for and we should not want to supress their freedoms including the freedom to practice their religion.

Since they are in the hands of their god now they obviously do not need any help from anyone else including the fortune that Obama will spend, increasing the US deficit beyond his record-setting levels and driving the US further into debt.

This reaction on the part of the Hatians is indicative of people who are uneducated and have been indoctrinated into a belief system.  They have lost the capacity to reason and think for themselves.  And despite any evidence to the contrary, even in life and death situations, people will abandon all sensibility and concoct even the most ridiculous or fantasies before coming to the realization that their beliefs are horribly wrong.  We have seen this with religious opposition to medical technology such as stem cell research, global warming and we have seen it consistently with socialists.

It is apparently a condition of some that when their is adversity they run to anything or anyone that will absolve them of the responsibility of having to deal with the problem themselves.  That is why Barack Obama and the Socialist-Democrats are so popular among the uneducated (including the liberal, socialist elite who have no knowlege of the socialist causes they champion such as socialist health care and eco-socialist programs like Kyoto, Copenhagen and the Obama/Gore cap and tax proposal) and those who occupy the lower economic levels of society.  Those people find comfort in the likes of Obama, Gore ,socialists and religion because they all promise to solve all problems without any effort or sacrifice. 

In difficult situations, the weak-mided are not only willing to give up any and all freedoms, they seek to embrace anyone and anything that they can turn their freedoms over to.  That is their choice and they should be allowed to do so.  The problem is when these weak-mided willing slaves also seek to violently impose their views upon others who do not want to be slaves as is the case in socialist nations such as Cuba, Venezuela and the United States.


Inflation Nation

Posted in Economics by nietzscheshammer on 15/01/2010

Inflation has already started.

The effects of Obama’s economic policies that are part of his socialist agenda are beginning to work for him and the Socialist-Democrats.

It is very likely that America will see double digit inflation to go along with the double digit unemployment.  It may not happen suddenly, although it may if the oil trade goes off the US$ (which is openly being discussed) and people stop buying US treasuries (China is begining to balk) and other nations dump US$ for things like gold (e.g., India).

At the end your dollars will be worth much less if not worthless and then we will be in a currency crisis and everyone will be dependent upon the socialist state for everything.

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The Cost Of Being Politically Correct

Posted in National Security, Political Freedom, Social Freedom by nietzscheshammer on 15/01/2010

The Pentagon is blaming eight Army officers for not raising concerns about the Muslim terrorist Nidal Hassan who murdered 14 Americans at Fort Hood in Texas late in 2009.

The allegation is that these eight officers failed to act when Hassan displayed erratic behavior earlier in his career.

The reality is that political correctness led to this act of Islamic terrorism.  For decades an effort has been made to indoctrinated Americans into “PC”.  Had the PC agenda not been pushed so strongly (mainly by the liberal, socialist Democrats) people would not be afraid to exercise their 1st Amendment right. 

Instead, people have been coerced into keeping their true thoughts and feelings hidden.  Laws have even been passed to advance the PC agenda and socialist goal of thought control.  The most recent example has been the “hate crimes” law that was hidden in a defense spending bill.  The goal of that law is to punish people to a greater extent if their thoughts and beliefs differ from that which is approved by the socialist state.

This is not to suggest support in any way for any particular view any particular person holds but it is strongly supporting the right of that person to hold that view without threat of violent retaliation by the government.

In the case of the Muslim terrorist Nidal Hassan, by all accounts he was a miserable Army officer and medical professional who openly expressed his disdain for America.  Hassan should of course have that freedom.  However, his colleagues and superiors should also have the freedom to voice their concern and provide performance reviews and deny promotion without the fear of retaliation on part of the government for what would surely be misconstrued as bigotry, racism or perhaps even a hate crime.

The eight Army officers who have been singled out should have gone on record and made their concerns known.  They should not have given Hassan favorable performance reviews when his performance did not merit it.  All of that is true but all of that is only a symptom of the real, much larger, much more dangerous problem.  That problem is of course the attempt by socialists to fundamentally transform American and control the thoughts, beliefs and actions of individual Americans. 

The effort to punish these Army soldiers is a shameful diversionary tactic to assign blame and keep the public attention from being directed at the real issue: the ongoing effort to fundamentally transform American through political indoctrination and thought control vis-a-vis the PC agenda being advanced by liberal, Socialist-Democrats.