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More corruption from Obama

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 27/02/2010

Very quitely, Obama’s social secretary Desiree Rogers is resigning.

Remember the woman who’s incompetence allowed unauthorized people to enter another one of  Obama’s extravagant polical corruption gatherings?  The woman who Obama protected with executive privalege while throwing the Secret Service, the men who are willing to take a bullet for him, under the bus?

She is quietly resigning months after the fiasco which made her incompetence publically known.

Is there any doubt that the Obama administration is by far, the most corrupt unethical group of incompetents that Americans have ever had the misfortune of suffering under?

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Anybody seen Al?

Posted in Corruption, Economics by nietzscheshammer on 27/02/2010

After the country has been slammed yet again by frigid temperatures and blankets of snow, has anybody seen Al Gore?

Is there really any doubt that the global warming conspriacy was just that, a cospiracy on the part of socialists to seize more wealth from individuals and expand government control their lives?

Interestingly very little attention has been paid to the suit that has been filed against NASA with respect to their fabrication of data to show a warming trend.  Why is it that NASA has to be sued to produce temperature data that the American citizens have paid for?  Incidentally, the vice president is the head of NASA and the data manipulation occurred during Al Gore’s tenure.

Another socialist gets a pass for failure

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 27/02/2010

Charlie Rangel gets a pass from the Socialist Party to which he belongs despite having taken bribes from large corporations.

Rangel does not even have the decency to admit that he was caught and step down but rather tries to play Americans for naive fools.  And his party plays right along, supporting him and his corruption.  The arrogance in the Socialist Party that they are so much more sophisticated than the citizens they work for should insult and enrage every American.

This is the same Socialist Party headed by Nanci Peloci who vowed to end the “culture of corruption” that she accused the previous administration of creating.

So we have Rangel, the whores Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson, Obama’s failed attempt to sell his IL senate seat to Rod Blagojevich and Obama’s 9,000 earmarks in his first spending bill to name but a few.  And this is the party that is going to end corruption?

This is without a doubt the most corrupt government that this nation has ever seen by miles.

Hopefully the American people will wake up from their decades-long stupor and realize what the founding fathers warned us of: although necessary for some few limitted purposes, government is an evil which must be watched closely and the bigger it is the harder that is.

US Treasury auction and Greece

Posted in Economics by nietzscheshammer on 26/02/2010

The recent treasury auction showed rates dropped slightly.  Some would think that this indicates people have more confidence in the US government’s ability to pay its debts which would be a good thing.  And it would, if it were true but it’s not.

The reason for this is that people bought the recent offering of US debt is because they are fearful of what is happening in Greece and that Greece will default on its debt. 

Here is a news flash: Greece spends about 112% of what it seizes in taxes; Obama is spending more than 160% of what the US seizes in taxes.  So you tell me, who would you be more comfortable lending money to, the guy who is spending 112% of what he makes or the the guy who is spending 160% of what he makes?

That is to say nothing of the fact that the US debt just grew by $2T, Obama will raise it another $7T before he is done according to his own wildly optimistic propaganda and the US has over $100T in unfunded liabilities.  What are unfunded liabilities?  Those are Socialist Security, Med-I-don’t-care and Med-I-can’t.  That is right, all those wonderful socialist entitlement programs that the socialists told you were so good for you have put you $100T in debt … and those are the goverment numbers!

The problem in Greece is akin to the problem in California.  Given the problem in CA is far smaller than that of the US, how is it possible that people think the problem in Greece is worse than that in the US?  It makes no sense at all but it just shows how powerful the propaganda has been in brainwashing people into believing that the US is a good economic bet.

Once people realize this economy is nearly dead and that Obama is doing everything possible to destroy it completely we will see the end of lending to the US government which means that government spending will grind to a halt and everyone will see the emperor has no clothes.  At that point the jig is up and there will be massive unemployment, bread lines, and a general collapse of society akin to what is beginning to take place in Greece now.

The economy did not grow!

Posted in Corruption, Economics by nietzscheshammer on 26/02/2010

The propagandists are out again claiming that the economy grew in Q4 last year.

It did not grow.  One has to keep in mind that GDP is a measure of spending.  With the trillions that have been borrowed and spent by the Obama administration it is not surprising that would show up in the GDP.

The reality is that the country continues to lose jobs, there is no manufacturing base, the US consistently runs massive trade deficits (we buy more than we sell) and Obama has been increasing spending deficits and the debt more than any other in the history of the world.

How is it possible that the economy could grow?  Saying that is like saying that someone who is in debt should go out and max-out their remaining lines of credt, get some more cards and max those out, take out a second mortgage and spend it all on a vacation.  That way when their statements come they can look and say, wow, look at how much my econoomic activity grew, I must be doing great!

That may seem ridiculously silly but it is in fact exactly what has been going on.  The time is not long before all of that stops because nobody is willing to give that person any more money and that holds for countries as well.  The Chinese just dumped almost $40B in US treasuries, they are not buying more, they have plans to buy nearly 200 metric tons of gold from the IMF and they have already chastised Obama and Geithner for their inept economic policies.  Chinese students actually laughed out loud at Geither during his presentation.  And the rest of the world is talking about moving away from the US$ as the reserve currency.

This economy is a sham and the rest of the world is waking up to that and when they do this country will be left in utter shambles.  It will look a lot like Chavez’s Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, the USSR or any of the other socialist states that have failed so miserably.

The government is doing everything in its power to perpetuate the failed policies of the past and preserve the economic slavery that it has been imposing upon the Americans.  It does not work, it never has worked and it never will work.  Hopefully Americans will wake up to that and change things before the rest of the world does.

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It’s not the government’s fault, it’s the weather!

Posted in Economics by nietzscheshammer on 25/02/2010

Now they are blaming the weather for the fact that government has been destroying jobs.

The pathetic irony of it is that it is cold weather and not the global warming that all of the totalitarian socialists have been promising would come.

The reality is that we are as likely to see anthropogenic global warming as we are to see jobs being created by anthing that Obama or the government is going to do.

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