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Another example of the depravity in government: Eric Massa

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 11/03/2010

And yet another example if the depravity in government is Socialist-Democrat Eric Massa.

Is there any doubt that this is the most corrupt, deprave government that this country has ever seen?

It is almost makes one laugh to think back upon Nanci Pelosi proclaiming that this would be the party to restrore credibility and morality to government.

Perhaps by “drainng the swamp” she meant that what little life-giving water would be removed once and for all and we would be left with the slime.  To believe that would however be to do an injustice to slime as that provide some benefit to a swamp’s ecosystem whereas the Socialist-Democrats and this government as a whole serves no beneficial purpose but only to leach the life out of every productive citizen and destroy the nation in the process.

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Black Racism in America

Posted in Corruption by nietzscheshammer on 05/03/2010

The question has been raised by NHB previously as to whether or not blacks as a group are the the most racist in America.

That question was answered again in the affirmative yesterday as black leaders rallied around NY governor David Patterson.

Patterson has had three of his top people leave him as a result of the information that has come to light.  That is not to say that they themselves have just become aware, just that as this information has come to light they have decided to leave. 

The SEC has rules against insiders trading because of the information that they posess and that is why the moves of insiders are watched very carefully.  The same logic holds here.  When the insiders are making a move, pay attention.

Patterson is clearly another example of the corruption and immorality that describes the Democratic Party so well.  That is not the point however.  The point here is that black leaders are leading a very willing black community to support someone who is clearly corrupt and immoral for one reason and one reason only, that person is black.

Are blacks as a group the most racist and prejudiced people in America?  They certainly have not done anything to cast doubt upon that here.

Government’s effect on business: Ford & GM

Posted in Corruption, Economics, Property Rights by nietzscheshammer on 02/03/2010

Ford outpaced GM for the first time in more than a decade.  One of those auto manufacturers took government bailout money to “help” them.  Can you guess which?

This is just another example of the misery that government inflicts upon all it comes into contact with.  But why would we expect anything different?  Everything the government does is a miserable failure.  Med-I-don’t-care, Med-I-can’t, Socialists-stole-your-Security, the US I’ve-gone-postal-Disservice, Am-on-the-wrong-trak and the list goes on and on.  Even the cafeteria in the US Senate loses money on a regular basis.

Americans need to realise that the government has no ability to create anything, fix anything, or do much of anything positive at all.  The sooner Americans see government for what it is, an oppressive parasite that more often than not attracts the worst society has to offer who then pervert the powers of the offices to live off of and violently control the lives of those they are supposed to serve, the sooner Americans can begin to reclaim their liberties and take control of their lives.

Government rationing and rationality

Posted in Corruption, Economics by nietzscheshammer on 02/03/2010

Let’s define our terms. 

  • Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources.
  • Rationality is acting in one’s own best interest.

So now let us talk about the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The USPS has always run a deficit.  That is to say, it has never been able to make its revenues from selling postage and other services equal the cost for providing those services.  Last year the USPS ran a $7B loss.  

So what is the solution that the USPS is now talking about?  They have decided the best way to deal with their incompetence is to stop delivering the mail on Saturday.  Normally it would not be a bad thing to have incompetents doing less but in this case the incompetents have a monopoly that they coerce everyone into using; there is no other mail service that is allowed.  Futhermore, they are not going to reduce the size of their incompetence.  They will still pay the same number of people the same wage to perform the same poor services only they will do it less often.

Now that may seem like a good idea but it will trim very little from the postal pork project but it is not doing anything to address the issues of a poor and bloated management delivering inferior services compared to private sector competitors (e.g., FedEx).

Will the USPS improve the quality of its service?  No, it is decreasing the quality of the service.  Will it overhaul its bloated bureaucracy?  No.  Will it cut the outrageous compensation packages (no pun intended) that it provides to the government servants in response to their inferior performance?  Of course not, they will continue to receive pay and benefits that are vastly superior to those in the private sector (i.e., the people they work for).

So what is going on in the big picture?  Will the tax burden for running this paragon of government waste be alleviated?  It is highly doubtful.  When was the last time the budget never mind the real cost for any major government organization was reduced?  On the other hand, services will be cut.  There is hardly a better example of rationing.

What we have here is yet another example of government destroying wealth to enrich itself.  In so far as government acting in its own best interest it is behaving perfectly rationally.  It is reducing the work it does while maintaining the benefits it receives which we can reasonably assume will increase over time.

Take a good long look at this because this is exactly what is going to happen with Obamacare.  The costs of Obamacare will quickly balloon from what they are telling you to 8-12 times that as the real direct costs of all previous programs have always done.  Don’t forget the $14T national debt is a myth.  The realy debt includes the unfunded liabilities from Med-i-can’t, Med-i-don’t-care and Socialist Security and those debts exceed $100T.  That is right, one hundred trillion dollars.  The $14T that everyone likes to naively talk about is only the amount of debt owed in things like government bonds and notes.   If you don’t think unfunded liabilities are real debts like any other that must be paid for just ask the US auto and airline industries how their pensions worked out for them.  And not for nothing but those pensions were a result of the unions who bribed government officials to coerce those companies into agreeing to those ridiculous compensation packages.

And when you hear Obama, Pelosi or Reid telling you that you are going to be so much better off with the health care and insurance that they will force you to buy, just think about a few things:

  1. Who you are going to end up buying those things from?
  2. Who is making all of those rules that you will be subjected to (you are subjects, they own you)?
  3. Who are these people who are espousing all of that pro-government propaganda?