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EU Admits to Lies

Posted in Uncategorized by nietzscheshammer on 13/05/2011

The EU just made public that its estimates of the debts of the countries it is bailing out with the stolen wealth of its citizens was too low. [link]

It is simply impossible for the banks and governments with whom they conspire to not know exactly the size of the debt bombs that they have created.  What really happened is the banks and governments knew people would revolt if they presented with the true proportion of the criminal activities upfront.

What is done instead is therefore to present something just shy of that threshold and allow the passage of time to work its magic.  Over time, sheople become accustomed to an idea and their sense of what is acceptable is recalibrated.  This tactic is employed in a series of steps in what is otherwise commonly known as “how to boil a frog”.

Merkel, Sarkozy and the other heads of the European criminal syndicates known as governments install a criminal from the private criminal syndicates known as bankers like Mario Draghi, formerly of Goldman Sacks, who then in turn orchestrates elaborate thefts of the citizens and transfers some of that wealth back to governments and the individuals who comprise it so that the process can have the funding required to perpetuate itself.

So when the EU issues a statement (which is as devoid of value as its fiat currency) that its estimates must be revised it is really saying that it is time to supplant the old lie with a new lie because you frogs have had long enough to adjust to the warmer water and it is therefore time to turn up the heat.


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