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Congress Adds to Budget Deficit and Debt by Substraction

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The recent budget deal will actually increase US government waste and theft by $3B over the near-term. [link]

The CBO claims however that spending will be reduced by $122B over ten years.

To what can anyone point that the US government was accurate in predicting ten years before hand?

The US government told the world in July 2007 that the US economy and housing industry was tip-top.

The US government is doing the same thing that they have always done: increase their power, criminal activities and aggregation of wealth through the empoverishment and enslavement of individuals via the systematic elimination of their liberties.

Business as usual in the good ol’ USSA.


The “College Conspiracy”

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The National Inflation Association has produced an interesting movie about the college/university industry in the US. [link]

Zimbabwe Gets It …Finally

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After a horrific experience with fiat currency, Zimbabwe has finally recognized that fiat currency is a horribly destructive lie and sound money is the only way to ensure individual freedom and prosperity. [link]

Doug Casey: The Science of Economics is Corrupt

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Doug Casey discusses the corruption in mainstream accademic/political economics.  [link]

And on a related note, Paul Krugman was just ranked as the favorite living econoimist under 60.  [link]

If they meant under 60 IQ then they might have had a solid argument.

IMF Chief Charged with Criminal Sex Act, Attempted Rape and Unlawful Imprisonment

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the chief at the IMF and potential future president of France was charged with various violent crimes in New York.  [link]

In no way is NHB disappointed should the charges be proven true but it is sadly ironic that Dom is being charged not for his raping and enslaving millions around the world via the IMF but for crimes against one individual.

More Corruption on Wall Street/Government

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A former bureaucrat from the SEC is under investigation for running a $7B Ponzi scheme.  [link]

This is laughable for three reasons

  1. The government is investigating itself?  “Fox and hen house”, enough said.
  2. That the government is concerned about a $7B Ponzi scheme is absurd given that it has been running $50B+Ponzi schemes for decades in the form of Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare.
  3. Merridith Baker, a cronie of none other than Mr. Transparency himself, Barry Obama, just left another criminal organization, the FCC, to work for Comcast, a firm for which she gave a favorable decision before her migration.

The entire system is a collusive criminal network that exists between government bureaucrats and corporations rich enough to bribe them.  Make no mistake, the USSA is a fascist, totalitarian police state.

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” – Benito Mussolini, the Father of Fascism

Obama’s Oil Propaganda Demonstrates Incompetence and Incoherence

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“Obama is directing his administration to ramp up U.S. oil production”.  [link]  This gives additional insight (as if any were required) into the workings of Obama’s dictatorial mindset.  Obama believes that he is the one who is in control of oil production, that he owns the companies and determines what they do.

This also highlights his supreme arrogance in that he knows exactly how much oil should be produced just like he knows how much insurance, medical care, banking services, loans, mortgages and cars should be produced as well as how much people should be paid for producing said goods and services.

And what about the Barry Obama who so indignantly proclaimed that his energy policy would require energy costs to “skyrocket”?  Where did he go?

Barry thinks that the US firms should produce more oil and the best way to do that is to increase how much he steals from them via taxation.  Barry thinks that producing energy is made less profitable that firms will work harder and take more risks to undertake those efforts.  This is obviously ridiculous on the face of it and requires no discussion per se but what is worth mentioning is that this is Barry’s level of economic understanding, or rather misunderstanding.

Barry is quite simply ignorant of all things economic and he never fails to demonstrate that simple fact through his repeated self-aggrandizing, incoherent, dictatorial edicts and proclamations.

It’s Going To Be Greek To You

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To say that this [link] is all going to happen in the US would be to misrepresent the state of things.

It is all happening in the USSA, it is just that unlike their Greek counterparts, AmerIcant’s have not figured it out and are content to be raped by their government/banks.

One-in-four Greeks has finally figured it out and want to cast off the chains of their economic slavery and want out of the Euro.  [link]

Just wait unti one-in-four people around the world want something real to back their respective currencies such as Au instead of the great lie that is the USD.

When that happens the collapse of the USSA will not only accelerate but be assured.

EU Admits to Lies

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The EU just made public that its estimates of the debts of the countries it is bailing out with the stolen wealth of its citizens was too low. [link]

It is simply impossible for the banks and governments with whom they conspire to not know exactly the size of the debt bombs that they have created.  What really happened is the banks and governments knew people would revolt if they presented with the true proportion of the criminal activities upfront.

What is done instead is therefore to present something just shy of that threshold and allow the passage of time to work its magic.  Over time, sheople become accustomed to an idea and their sense of what is acceptable is recalibrated.  This tactic is employed in a series of steps in what is otherwise commonly known as “how to boil a frog”.

Merkel, Sarkozy and the other heads of the European criminal syndicates known as governments install a criminal from the private criminal syndicates known as bankers like Mario Draghi, formerly of Goldman Sacks, who then in turn orchestrates elaborate thefts of the citizens and transfers some of that wealth back to governments and the individuals who comprise it so that the process can have the funding required to perpetuate itself.

So when the EU issues a statement (which is as devoid of value as its fiat currency) that its estimates must be revised it is really saying that it is time to supplant the old lie with a new lie because you frogs have had long enough to adjust to the warmer water and it is therefore time to turn up the heat.

More Corruption in the Obama Regime

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Another member fo the Obama crime family has personally profited by using the power stolen from the American tax payers by Barry Obama.  Former FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker just ruled in favor of an enormous deal that will profit Comcast. [link]

Merredith subsequently resigned her Barry-appointed position and accepted a high-ranking position with, wait for it… Comcast!  Ms. Baker’s new title is, wait for  it…  SVP of Government Affairs!

What a wonderful pimp Barry is to make good on his promises to his personal prostitutes.  His campaign promises for “transparency” are however another matter entirely.

Determined to show that here “pimp-hand” is still strong, German chancellor Angela Merkel has endorsed “Mario Draghi, former vice chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs International and current governor of the Italian central bank, to become the next president of the European Central Bank.” [link]