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Congress Relinquishes More Power to US Treasury

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Congress relinquished its power to declare war to G. W. Bush.  This act on the part of Congress was illegal.

This year Congress has bested itself not once but twice.

  1. Congress did not even bother to pass any law and stood idly by when current US president and mass-murdering terrorist Osama Hussein Obama initiated war against Libya.
  2. Over the past two days, “Tax Cheat” Timmy Geithner has usurped more congressional power when he auctioned $56B in US junk bonds [link].

What good is Congress, ” people’s house” when it does not do its job and the individuals who are in Congress reneig on their oath to uphold the Constitution?  It was just a few months ago when they all stood up like kindergarteners and took turns reading from the Constitution.

What good is the Constitution?  The Constitution cannot enforce itself, it must be enforced by individuals.  Those who have been elected for that purpose and took oaths to so, the president and members of Congress, have not only a disregard for it but particularly in the case of the president, a deep disdain for it.

The US that is described in the Constitution is gone.  What is left is a government elite that rules 300M willing slaves known as US citizens.

Another wonderful day in the good ‘ol USSA…


Why are “economists” always surprised?

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It seems that every day there is some new data that conflicts with the predictions of the great and powerful “economists”.  Today it was yet again another shocker from the housing market [link].

It happens with such consistency and frequency that one would think even an “economist” would begin to exhibit some form of behavior indicative of even the most unsophisticated pattern recognition and at the very least cease to be surprised at their continued failings.  When someone is consistently wrong they neither know what they are talking about nor are they able to learn.  When someone is consistently wrong and always surprised by it they are either plainly stupid or feining surprise because they are perpetuating some sort of con and want you to believe that there is some very mysterious going on that nobody, least of all you, could possibly have forseen or understood and therefore you must trust them to guide you through these uncertain times.

Most “economists” are ecnomomists in name only.  That is to say they know nothing about economics.  What most of them do know a great deal about is properly referred to as Keynesianism.  Keynesianism however has nothing to do with economics but rather a very juvenile attempt to conceil complete and utter nonsesne that even a child would reject in practice behind the facade of pretentious, incoherent ramblings.  eynesianism has been consistently refuted by both legitimate economists and history since its creation.  It pretends to be able to grant everything to all without sacrifice which is why it has found favor amongst politicians and subsequently universities.  Peter Schiff likened Keynesianism to economics in the same way that atrology is like astronomy which is about the best analogy I can think of in describing Keynesianism.

The fact is that all of this was seen very plainly for years by legitimate economists.  Today the housing market is in worse shape than it was two years ago and is continuing to deteriorate by the day [link].  The only things keeping prices where they are come in the form of

  1. government stealing from some and giving to others to purchase houses thus creating artificial demand; government is still giving 3%-down loans!
  2. banks delaying foreclosures and holding massive inventories of hundreds of thousands of houses off the market in the hopes that prices will rebound and they dont have to eat massive losses on their balance sheets
  3. the relentless money printing that is creating massive inflation driving all prices higher than the market demands

All of those efforts are doomed to failure and the market will eventually revert to its true level.  There is one subtlety which may cause some confusion however and that is related to 3.  It may be possible that Benji Berdonkey prints so much money that the prices of houses when priced in the USD do rise and perhaps rise to astronomical levels and yet the market will still crash.  How is this possible?  It has to do with the nature of the USD.

Let us assume that a given house costs 100k USDs today.  If Berdonkey conjurs another 10T USD from his computer keyboard the price will go up.  Why?  Because Berdonkey made more USDs but he didn’t make more houses so with the same amount of houses and many more USDs the number of USDs required to obtain one of those houses must increase.  It is simply the law of supply and demand: the supply of USDs goes up so the demand for USDs goes down.

One must use a stable measure to determine whether or not the value of the house has increased or decreased.  Historically the best measure has been pricing things in terms of gold (Au).  One should then price a house not in terms of how many USDs are required but in terms of how much Au is required to trade for that house.  When priced in terms of Au one will see that the housing market in the USSA will continue to crash.

The foolish will however continue to measure the “value” of their house by pricing it in terms of something which continually loses value (i.e., the USD) and fool themselves into thinking that they are getting wealthier.  And then when the “economists” (i.e., Keynesians) claim the housing market is rebounding and jump with glee proclaiming to all that their lord and our savior, the great Keynes was right all along and dismiss any who ask why the price of a loaf of bread is now $100, I for one will not be the least bit surprised.

Finally Competition for COMEX

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“The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx) has received authorisation from the Securities and Futures Commission and will make its trading debut on May 18, 2011 with the 1-kilo gold futures contract offered in US dollars with physical delivery in Hong Kong.” [link]

In the wake of the silver market rigging at and the COMEX this is wonderful news.  No longer will the COMEX and its comrades (JPM, GS, the Fed, etc.) be able to rig markets to their advantage with impunity.  Individuals who desire a fair and free market will soon have an option.

The Police State is Now

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And we have yet another case of a scumbag in the local police; this time from Las Vegas [link].

It is not even worth the effort of providing additional links as anyone can search the internet for government using their police to intimidate, oppress and murder “the people”.

Yes, police commit murder each and every day in the good ‘ol USSA [link].  And the best part, they knew that this scumbag Nazi was dangerous as he had behavioral problems before.

The Las Vegas Nazis only suspended their officer so he can hopefully follow in the footsteps of his fellow Nazi in Phoenix.

It is time that we dispense with the ridicuouls contention that the majority of these Nazis exist on some higher plane and are doing good things.

The violence that these state-sponsored terrorists engage in on a day-t0-day basis is encouraged, according to their officials, part of official policy, and make no mistake, they all enjoy it [link].

Have a nice day you “scurring cockroaches”.

The Hypocricy of Your Owners

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The Smoking Gun reports that two men have been arrested and charged with molesting people on US airlines [link; link].  If these men did in fact do what they are accused of doing then they most certainly should be arrested, tried and jailed.  I am not opposed to economic reparations being paid to the individuals they molested either.

The issue here is not that these men are being prosecuted but that the government is not.  Government molests individuals on a regular basis each and every day in the good ‘ol USSA.  In fact, government probably molested some of the passengers on those same flights before they even borded the plane.  This is an obvious violation of the 4th Amendment rights of individuals but “the people” don’t mind, some even welcome it because they were told it was for their own good and they believed it just like the good little slaves that they are.

Those that live in the USSA come in two varieties: “the people” and “individuals”.  “The people” of the USSA are willing slaves and therefore deserve to be molested, robbed (taxes), kidnapped and even murdered by the government they so willingly follow.  “Individuals” however, those who believe that their rights are inalienable, those that believe their self-interests are more important than “the greater good” of “the state”, “the flag” or “the people”, those individuals had better start taking some action or they will find themselves to be assimilated into “the people”.

Why Barak Obama is murdering Libyans

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Why after years of providing tens-of-billions to Gaddafi did the US suddenly turn on the Libyan tyrant?  Some have suggested that it has to do with oil.  While this is certainly true it may not be for the reason that most suspect.

The global banking system is on the verge of collapse.  The foundation of the collapsing system is the US dollar (USD) which is in the process of completing its collapse which began 1913.

There are two central issues here:

  1. The USD is the world’s reserve currency.  That means instead of holding gold or silver in a vault to back a given nation’s own currency the USD serves as a substitute.
  2. Historically, oil has been priced and traded in the USDs.  That means if you wanted to buy a barrel of oil anywhere in the world you would have to pay for it with USDs.

What does that have to do with Obama declaring an illegal (not to mention immoral) war, attempting a state-sponsored assasination of a foreign political figure (also illegal and also a failure which can be added to his long list of failures)  and murdering Libyans (including children) in the process?

Gaddafi had decided to lead the nations of Africa in creating an African currency that was not USD-backed but backed by gold (Au).  Gaddafi had also decided to price and sell his oil in something other than the USD.  This would mean that not a single USD would be required for the vast majority of transactions for the >800M people of Africa or their governments including all oil-related transactions.  If that were to occur, three things would happen:

  1. All oil the US purchases from Africa would have to be paid for with something other than USDs which means all that oil would instantly become more expensive to the US.
  2. The US would not be able to “print” USDs (i.e., counterfeit more worthless paper) to trade to Gaddafi for his very real oil since the new Au-backed African currency would be required.  The US would then no longer be able to export its inflation to Africa as it has been doing to every other nation on Earth for the past 60 years.
  3. Africans would trade their USDs for the new African Au-backed currency and eventually most if not all African USDs would come back to the US sending US inflation where it rightfully belongs: in the US.

These events would cause a disruption to the US/global banking/theft system as the importance of the USD would be reduced.  This is a far greater threat to the US banking empire than the rise of any military “threat”.  In fact, banks profit greatly from wars.  Every war in modern history has been debt financed by banks.  Banks don’t care who wins or loses a war only that the war is fought and that they finance it.  In fact, there are many cases in which the same banks have financed opposing sides of the same war.

The greatest threat to banks is gold.  Gold is not able to be counterfeited like paper (i.e., fiat) and that is why all bankers detest gold and do everything in their power to ensure that they own as much as possible and keep it out of the hands of private individuals.

Once one understands that governments depend upon banks to debt finance nearly everything they do and that banks depend upon the entire wold using their bank-issued fiat the reason why Obama is murdering Libyans becomes clear.

It is worth noting that shortly after Saddam Hussein began pricing and selling his oil in Euros the US invaded and ultimately murdered him.  Saddam Hussein was a very bad guy and deserved what he got but for things like murdering, mutilating, torturing, terrorizing, and raping the citizens of Iraq.  All of that had been going on for decades but it was not until Hussein priced and sold his oil in something other than the USD that he was murdered.

It is also interesting that the recent efforts to make Iran into a the world’s great menace (and Iran is not a good government by any measure) are in close proximity to Iran’s pricing and selling its oil in things other than the USD.  And the reason that the US gives for declaring Iran a threat?  This may come as a shock to some but it is exactly the same reason the US gave for Iraq: WMD.

Barak Hussein Obama does not know the first thing about the economics or Federal Reserve Bank or fractional reserve banking or fiat money but the people that pull his strings most certainly do.  And since Barry wants to keep his job so he and his wife can prance around like they are the rightful heirs who will shoulder the burden of saving the unwashed masses from themselves and their money, well then, Barry had better eliminate any hope of changing the system of debt-slaveery that the bankers have worked so hard to create.

RT has a good story related to some of these issues [link].

Obama Declares Himself “Pacific President”

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Barack Obama is apparently not satisfied with being president of the US, he has extended his rule to the entire Pacific Ocean.

As if building multi-million dollar Greek temples to himself, declaring that he is the one you have been waiting for and throwing a $200M inauguration for himself while the country was sinking further into bankruptcy weren’t enough to cement the diagnosis of megalomania.

He is like a little obnoxious boy running around at his birthday party telling everyone how great he is, that it is his birthday, all his toys are his and that he gets to go first in all the games, etc.

Seriously, other than racists, socialists, and college kids who are too young and immature to know that their professors have been indoctrinating them, how could anyone have voted for this imbecile?

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The Mindset of Politicians

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The House approved the destruction of the American economy and American freedom otherwise known as Obamacare last Saturday.  This has Nanci Pelosi and the Socialist/Democrats claiming this as a victory that they won. 

Nanci Pelosi stated it very clearly

“From my perspective, we won last night. We had one race that we were engaged in — it was in northern New York. It was a race where a Republican has held a seat since the Civil War, and we won that seat. So from our standpoint, no. We had a candidate that was victorious who supports the health-care reform… So from our standpoint, we picked up voted last night, one in California [CA-10] and one in New York.”

Pelosi’s response clearly reveals her midset.  Pelosi does not care what Americans want or even what is good for the country.  Pelosi said nothing about how this reflected the will of Americans or whether or how it would affect those states or the nation as a whole.  Her first thought was how this impacted her, her party and their socialist agenda.

The mindset of politicians seems to be that they are more concerned about winning and losing their votes than they are about what the Americans want.

The Socialist/Democrats may have won but all Americans are losing.

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The Transparency of Obama

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Barack Obama has yet again revealed his incompetence.

In another lame-duck attempt to be what her perceives as “cool”, Obama embarasses himself and the office of the President of the United States.

“I hear that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow (ph) was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It’s good to see you.”

Give a shout out?  Exactly how embarassing is it that the President of the United States would demean the office by using phrases invented in the ghetto rather than something appropriate.  This is however consistent for all socialists: let’s bring everything down rather than raise it up.

Furthermore the “shout out” that Obama gave to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow was wrong.  Obama was giving a “shout out” to Crow for being a Medal of Honor recipient.  The problem?  Crow is not a Medal of Honor recipient.

Another example of Obama’s incompetence.  Now everyone is seeing what Obama meant by transparency.  It wasn’t the transparency of government he promised but the transparency of his image which only thinly veils his total lack of competence and character.

Big Baby Barack

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Barack Obama is apparently a big baby.

After the Deomocrat candidate for governor in VA, Creigh Deeds, was soundly defeated a statement was issued from the White House saying that Obama was not paying attention to the elections and would not comment on the results. 

Does anyone believe that?  Please, it is insulting to anyone of even average intelligence that the White House would think that story would fly. 

Then again… they did get people to believe that Obama would be a good president despite all of his criminal friends, attempt to sell his Senate seat, lack of any meaningful experience in government, total lack of work experience, openly socialist beliefs and voting record, and a 20-year membership to a racist church.  I suppose in light of that one could see how the White House would belive their story could work at least a little.

Obama had the White House trying to get Deeds into a position to win but when it became clear that the cause was lost as VA had woken up they cut all ties to Deeds and effectively blamed him for everything.  Obama just spent the weekend in NJ trying to get Corzine re-elected to continue his destruction of the NJ economy and oppression of the residents.  Obama even sent his people in to run the campaign for Corzine.

Obama will not comment on things with such clear relevance and importance to advancing his socialist agenda and people he campaigned for.  Really?  Obama will of course publically criticize a police officer in Cambridge, MA saying that the officer was stupid because he was white, doing his job and it involved a black professor.

All of that and they expect any reasonable person to believe that Obama is not watching?

Obama would have been campaigning for the victory celebration all over the media had they won.  He would have told all who would listen that the American people have spoken and want to bring real change to America.

Let’s hope that what happened yesteraday in VA and NJ is an indication that the American people have spoken and have rejected Obama and the socialism that he seeks to force upon Americans.